Embracing Who I Truly Am

For a long time, I have been doing something that a lot of people subconsciously do: hiding who I truly am for the sanity of other people and saving myself from the rejections/criticisms of others.

What do I mean, specifically?

I mean hiding that I am a proud pansexual  black woman from people who may see me differently versus others who support who I am.

There were times when I embrace my pansexuality, then hide it from people who may potentially be judgmental. I hear it screaming at me inside and fighting to be free.

I am fully ready embrace who I am inside despite what people may say about it. Since being a part of the LGBTQ+ community since 2014, I have been surrounded and supported by people who love and accept me for who I am.

Starting now and in continuing years, I will be who I am and stand/live in that truth, and not be afraid to ruffle feathers to live your life happily. I will wholeheartedly celebrate me with my LGBTQ+ family, inside and out. I will go out and build new friendships.

I deserve to be happy being ME, and what not others want me to be because they’re uncomfortable with my truth.

They’ll just have to learn and live with it.

LOVE WINS!!!!! 💖💛💙

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