Changing Environments & Routines

Sometimes changing your environment and routine(s) are the best things to do when things don’t help you live your life better. Both can help lower the level of stress and anxiety you have in your life, and free up time for you to do the things you love. 

I working for a company that was toxic and undervalued me for 3 years. Throughout those 3 years:

  • I was given too much work than I could handle because the boss chose not to hire someone to help with the office administration workload 
  • I was working for a boss who was resistant to change and made the toxic office environment worse 
  • The boss yelled at employees in front of others in the office and didn’t care
    • Employees were quiet/physically quitting and moving on to other jobs because of this
  • I walked on eggshells with uncertainty of the boss and employees moods (depending on the day)
  • The employees received very little raises after annual reviews
  • Everyone received little to no vacation time, in accordance to company policy 
  • Suggestions I gave to the manager of how I can help make the office environment better was never taken into consideration
  • There were days where I couldn’t sleep because of the stress I was receiving 
  • I woke up every day dreading of going to that office
I didn’t want to be there, and wanted to quit so bad. 

That was when I realized that I was in control of the environment I wanted and needed to be in. 

The only way I could change the environment was to apply for jobs at other companies that offered better that what I was receiving. 

I was interviewed for a position with a company that offer new duties and responsibilities for me, and more. A month after the interview, I received a job offer and accepted it with excitement.

I left the toxic job in early July, knowing that I was moving on to something better. After I left, I was able to catch up on sleep and relax, and did things that made me happy. I was starting to feel like myself again.

When I started my new job in late June, I was given my own space within the office, instead of sitting behind a receptionist desk. I was given new title for the duties and responsibilities that were mentioned in the interview. I have more PTO time I can use throughout the year. 

We occasionally have office lunches, plan after-hour outings. Most importantly, I have the ability to speak up about something without fear of repercussions, and the ability to learn different things to be more involved. 

Shortly after starting my new job, I taught myself to stop doing things that the previous company instilled in me: telling people when I’m stepping out to get lunch, preparing to take the garbage out at the end of the work week, staying quiet about suggestions/concerns, etc. 

I switched up my routine of how I got to my new job by strategizing differently ways to get to there on time, and what to do when there is downtime. 

Doing those things have drastically lowered the stress and anxiety levels I’ve been having in the past 3 years. 

I wake up happy to come into the office, and come home less tired and drained. 

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